Subtera Puzlo

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Subtera Puzlo
Version1.3 1January2013

Subterapuzlods2.png Subterapuzlods3.png

Subtera Puzlo is a homebrew puzzle game for the Nintendo DS console.

User guide

Escape each screen, collecting the coins, and the key that will unlock the exit.

There is an initial time limit of 30 seconds. Avoid the guardians and traps, colliding with these will result in a failure.


Coin - Collect these to advance to new levels.
Key - Collect to unlock the exit.
Timer - Collect to increase your time by 30 seconds.
Switch - Press when in contact to switch Force Fields on/off.
Exit - Proceed to the next level.


Wall - Cannot be passed.
Fake Wall - Can be passed.
Ice - Cannot stop. If you hit a wall or Directional Floor on ice,

you will bounce off them.

Directional Floor - Can only move onto and off in the indicated


Lock - Collect key to unlock.

Guardians / Traps:

Bubble - Bounces off walls.
Ship - Turns 90 degrees when it hits a wall.
Force Field - Switchable on/off.
Fire Floor - Alternates on/off every 2 seconds.
Passable when off.

Hints: If there appears to be a dead end, one of the wall blocks may be fake. Every item (coins, timer, key) can be collected. None are unobtainable.

Earn a gold star every 10 levels by collecting every coin, to unlock further levels.


D-Pad - move

A - toggle Switch (when in contact)

B - audio On/Off

X - retry level

Y - abort and return to title screen